January 30, 2015

Navia "Sockor" med stjärne.

My mom made these slippersocks for me a while back.
They were very popular here in Norway for a while, and it seems like new people are discovering them now and then.

I slip them on almost every morning, and after I've been in the shower. And I sometimes put them in my purse when I go to visit friends and family as they are so small and can easily be folded in two.
The pattern is from Navia, and can be found in faeroe, danish and swedish in the free pattern section.
I have not yet tried the pattern myself, but I think it's very pretty, and would make a great small gift for some of my friends.

-Love, Linda

January 29, 2015

All the beautiful knits

When I wander around town, or if I'm on the bus, or take a break at a cafe, I often spot beautiful knitwear and other knitted items.
I have sometimes taken pictures without asking the wearer, like this beautiful cardigan/sweater.

When I spot them, I often wonder if they found it at the good will store, if a family member made it, or if they made it themselves. 

I do knit and crochet a bit myself, and so does some of my friends and family. In future posts I will show off some of the items I've made.

-Love, Linda