June 13, 2015

Concert Review: Mark Knopfler at Sverresborg

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Mark Knopfler concert.
The weather was awful, but Knopfler delivered nonetheless!
His hands got cold, and he tried to warm them up between songs, but during "Sultans of Swing" he missed a few chords. "A cold hands version of Sultans of Swing", the man said himself. But the crowd cheered him on, and he put on a jacket and continued with "Speedway at Nazareth".
I do really like the songs that he made after Dire Straits, but it's nice that he plays some of the oldies as well.
The local newspaper took notes of which songs were played.

All in all, even though the weather was awful with rain, wind and only +8 degrees celsius I LOVED IT!!!!! I really felt like it was worth standing there, getting cold and wet. The music warmed my soul, and if this was my only chance to see Mark Knopfler and his band live I'll die happy. 


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