June 14, 2015

One skein

Sometimes I find that I only have one skein left after completing a bigger project.
And I can't be bothered to go to the yarn store to trade it in.
So I look for small projects that only require one skein.
This time I had a beautiful grey skein of an alpaca silk blend left. It has a lot of yardage, so I could probably make something a bit bigger than I did. But when I have one skein I often turn to baby hats.
Most of them are easy to make, and this time I even have enough left over after the hat to make mittens!
The hat I made is in Norwegian called a "djevel-lue", devils hat. Or ski-lue (ski hat) or hjerte-lue (heart hat). I used the free pattern from SandnesGarn, but there are several patterns out there.
I've made it so many times now that I really don't need a pattern any more. I mostly use it for size guiding.

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