August 30, 2015

The Pointy End socks

In February I got so excited when I found The Pointy End pattern for Game of Thrones inspired socks. But then my boyfriend and I bought a new apartment, had to move out of the old one before we could move in to the new one and my head just got scrambeled...
I finished the first sock, and intended to start and finish the next sock before the new season of GoT started...
But I didn't.
Instead I knit a birthdaypresent, started a blanket, made a few pairs of vanilla socks and got busy doing other things, like actually moving.

Then I made my list!
And I knew it had to go the list.
I need to have a pair of sock on the list. And why not chose an UFO?
So I did.
And now it's done!

It still took me from August 13th to the 30th to finish it for some reason.
But it's done!
And I have new socks!

I used the Filcolana Arwetta Classic in a beautiful grey, on 2,5mm magic loop carbon needles.
The only thing I would do if I were to knit these socks again is to so the small size. I did the medium, and 72 sts are a bit wide for my feet. But that's OK, I needed a pair of sofasocks.

So now, on to the last item on my list, the blue Citron shawl in an alpaca silk blend I started in May of 2012. But where did I put that pattern?

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