September 01, 2015


My boyfriend has a coffee subscription from Kaffebox.

This month he got a very good arabica coffee from The Coffee Collective in Denmark. 

On the bag is says "Lively acidity and great sweetness. Reminds you of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango."
I can, while the coffee is working its way through my mouth, taste all of this. 

Today we made regular filter coffee with it  using our Moccamaster. 
But we also use our French Press and Aeropress regularly. 
And in addition, our apartment has an buildt-in Miele coffeemaker that makes an OK cup of coffee. 

The coffeecups I bought from a store called Kremmerhuset here in Norway. 
I thought they were so cute, and I just had to buy them, especially the sheep!

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