September 21, 2015

Frogging and thinking about Christmas

Okay, so I frogged the Citron Shawl.
Life is to short to knit really boring stuff. The yarn was good, but maybe not right for this pattern, and a shawlette... What was I thinking...

So I frogged it, wound the yarn and put it back in my stash.

Instead I finished the Curious path cardigan, started a supereasy baby hat in alpaca, knit a bit on the dishcloth I always have in my bag in case I need something to knit while waiting, and started planning for Christmas presents.

The problem when asking people what they want for Christmas, is that they always start the sentence with; "Oh, I don't know, maaaaybe a hat, mittens, socks or something,,, Make whatever you want, I'm sure I'll like it."

I have one friend that I can ask to take a look in my Ravelry queue, and she'll find stuff she likes and make me a list. I love her dearly for that!

But then you have those who have kids and has lost the "I want" and become " *kid's name* needs or wants socks", and completely forgets about themselves.
What do you surprise those people with?

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