September 03, 2015

I'm cheating!

The last item on my list is sooooo booooring!
The Citron shawl might honestly be the first thing I'll frog instead of finishing.
I know I should try my best to knit it, but the shawl is really a shawlette, and the pattern is very boring. And to make it a shawl I have to do a bit of math and I don't want to do that.

So on Tuesday I started cheating. I cast on for a baby cardigan. The pattern is Autumn Girl by tellybeanknits. And I'm loving it!
I'm doing one of the smallest sizes and it's flying off the needles.
It has lots of cables, it's interesting and I was knitting so fast that I'm already at the point where I only have the arms left!
The picture is from after I put the arm stitches on treads.

New post when I have finished and blocked the cute little cardigan!

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