October 26, 2015


As Halloween draws nearer, patterns related to it pops up everywhere. Decorations, costumes and whatnot.
I don't do Halloween, but I like pumpkins, and when I saw this cute pumpkin pattern from Garnstudio, and it was a free pattern, I just had to knit it. And so I did!

I didn't have any yarns in my stash that I could use to make the size I wanted, nor that was in the right color, so I had to go out and buy some. Yay!
I've been on an yarn diet since... Forever! Well, maybe just the last year or so. Maybe a bit more.
While on vacation I only bought 6 skeins, and a month or two ago I bought 1 skein on sale that I do have plans for, but other than that I haven't bought a single skein! So I think I've been very good!

Anyway, back to the pumpkin.
I bought a skein of Mor Aase Ullgarn, color 3326 for the main color, and I found a Smart Superwash, color 8615 in my stash for the contrast color.
I'm not completely happy about the shape of it, it kinda wouldn't do what it was supposed to.
So I helped it a bit by doing some stitches through it while seaming the bottom.

Don't have any pumpkins at home right now, so I brought it with me to my local grocery store.
People might have looked at me a bit weird, but I don't care. I needed a picture with pumpkins!

October 13, 2015

Rainforest Frog

Each year, there is a TVaksjon in Norway.
From Wikipedia: TV-aksjonen is an annual national Norwegian fund raising event for various charity purposes which has been arranged since 1974. It is arranged by NRK in collaboration with a chosen organisation. The fund raising happens in several ways. It is mainly executed by approximately 100,000 volunteers knocking on people's houses with a certified collection box to all of Norway's 1.8 million houses and apartments. Besides this, donations are given by companies and persons directly to the fund raising through a telephone line or by transferring money directly to a certain bank account. NRK also hosts a live auction to the benefit of event. The fund raising also endures for some time after the official day as well. The organisation/purpose who will receive the money is decided by a fund raising committee at NRK.
This year all the money goes to the Rainforest Foundation Norway.
On their webshop I found a pattern for a very cute Frog by Arne&Carlos.
I got out my yarn and needles, and voila, a frog was born!

Quick and easy knit, but a bit advanced. I used 2,5mm needles, but maybe a bit to thin yarn.
When I make this again I'll choose a thicker yarn.

P3, one of the radio stations, are doing a live 100 hour broadcast from the square in Trondheim.
They've done it several times now, and it's a success. Maybe I'll ask them if they want to auction away the frog,

October 08, 2015


Since I posted Klara's Deathflake mittens, I've gotten orders for 3 pairs of them!
Luckily for me I had more of the rainbow yarn, as the people that ordered them wanted the same colours as Klara got. So I'd better get cracking on them.

Also, I was asked to copy a hat for an acquaintance. She has one that she loves, and wanted another one in an different colour. So she brought me the yarn and the hat, and I found a pattern that I could use. The Bias Beehive Bubble beanie is made the same way, except for the bottom edge. So I'm just using it as an reference point.

And then, my mom came to visit. She's gotten really into spinning lately, and has learnt how to make sock yarn. So she brought the yarn and asked if I could make her socks!

The picture doesn't do the yarn justice. The colours are so pretty! I can't wait to see how it knits up.
The yarn is a 150g, 210 meters, and is a 4ply cable twist, that is made out of Shetland wool, Corridale wool, Angora wool and Firestar nylon. Need to do them toe up to be sure I have enough to finish both.

So to sum it up, I need to knit 3 pairs of Deathflake mittens, a hat and a pair of socks.
And maaaaybe another new project will appear in the next post!

October 05, 2015


I know I've been quiet for some time now.
But that's just how life is some times.

Yesterday we went to my boyfriend's nieces birthday. She's finally a teenager!
So I made her a pair of Deathflake Mittens and we bought her an gift certificate to a shop that we know she loves.

I made them using SandnesGarn Lanett and Viking Nordlys on 2.0mm and 2.25mm needles.