February 04, 2016

#2 & #3 On The List

This vest is my second out of fourteen projects that I wanted to finish.
I talked about it a bit in this post where I picked it up, and now it's finished!
It wasn't really that much left to do on it, and it didn't take me long either.
I just had to sit down and concentrate a bit, and whoooosh, it was done! 

Pattern is by Trine Lise Høyseth, who did this design for Sandnes Garn.
I used the needles and yarn called for in the patter, which were 2,5 mm and 3 mm needles and Sisu from Sandnes Garn.
It took a total of 131 grams for this size, that was the 4 year old size. 
The pattern is very easy, but you do have to like seed stitch and cables, if not, don't even look at this pattern!
The yarn is quite easy to block out, or pull in to shape, and if my memory serves me correct, it holds up well with wear.
The back of the vest is just plain seed stitch.

#3 is a babyhat. The pattern is called Lullaby, and is by Drops. It's knit on 4 mm needles, so it's a really quick project. I think I used 4-5 hours to finish it.
The yarn I used was left over from a project I did in 2012 I think. Pretty sure it is Schachenmayr SMC Extra Merino, but who knows… 
Anyway, I had about 40 grams of it, and thought it was to much to put in my leftover blanket that I’m making. So a hat it had to be.
I used about 30 grams for the hat, so 10 grams left for my blanket!

The hat has this cute eyelet row on each side of the head. I think it's super cute!

And the picot edging around the face is so pretty.

On to #4 on my list!

It's the Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker. It's a free pattern on Ravelry.
The pattern is also available in other sizes as a paid for pattern on her design page.

My list is starting to look good!

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