February 10, 2016

#4 and #5 Done!

The list is getting shorter!
Two more projects are done, and I can start a new one!

The Newborn Vertebrae is finally finished. It was #4 on my list.
Not really a project that should take me, well, no more than a week to knit up.
The pattern is very easy to follow, and well explained.
For this pattern I chose the DROPS Baby Merino yarn, which is really soft and can be stretched out a bit and takes blocking well.
I was 1 stitch away from getting gauge on this pattern, and I feel that's ok. 
Oh, and I picked up 2 more stitches under the arms than the pattern called for. 

This cute/weird looking owl is my #5!
The pattern is Big Snowy Owl by Purl Soho, but there is nothing big about this one!
My Owlie is just a small one, just 13 cm tall.
He's made of Viking babygarn if I'm not mistaken. 
I started him a few years ago, just never got around to making his eyes and beak. I have no idea why...

Now, #6 on my list is something I can't really show you.
It's a very belated birthdaypresent for my friend Siw Rita. 
So the moment she gets it, I will post a picture here. I just have to knit it first...

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