February 29, 2016

#7 Colorful Crochet Blanket

I started this crochet blanket in 2013.
It's an easy enough project, but crocheting is not my main craft, so crocheting large things makes my wrist hurt a bit.
I got half way on this, then, for some reason, I put it away...
Suddenly a few years have flown by, and the blanket is still not done.
I didn't have a plan for it, like giving it away or anything like that, but still.
But now I'm making good progress on it!
The yarn is a bit splitty, but that might be because of the way I'm handling the yarn when I'm crocheting.

 Agate of course had to try it out, and seemed pretty happy with how it felt.

The list is getting smaller. Actually, I'm half way now!

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