February 29, 2016

The List: #8

Why do we hesitate to frog?
Is it because we really want to finish the project?
Or because we think of all the hours already spent knitting on it? On all those thousands of stitches.
Wasn't the yarn as expected? The fabric to dense or to loose?
Or didn't the yarn and pattern go together as well as you'd hoped?

Why do I ask?
I decided to send my #8 Kragejakke to the frog pond.
If I finished it, it would probably have made an OK "I'll just throw this on and run to the store" cardigan, but would I really get the wear I want out of it?
Probably not.

I think the yarn would rather be a sweater or a different type of cardigan.
Maybe with some patterning, and not just plain stockinette.

So, rip-it, rip-it! Off to the frog pond it goes!

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