March 01, 2016

#6 On The List

I asked my friend Siw what she wanted for her birthday. "Sheepy socks!!", was her constant reply! So sheepy socks it is!

At first, I figured that I'd just use a regular vanilla sock pattern, and do colorwork on them.
What I forgot to take into consideration was that I knit tighter when working with two colors. Or rather, I pull the yarn I'm carrying to tight...
Of course this didn't occur to me until I'd knit the cuff and leg on both socks, and the heel and gusset on one of them.
I decided to try that one on, since Siw and I have almost the same size foot.
To my horror, the socks was waaay to tight! I almost cried!
I could get it on, but I really struggled to get it off again. Well, after I pulled on it for a little while, I got it off. And I sat it on the table to think about what it had done.

Deep inside I knew what had to be done. I had to rip it back...
And I did. All the way up to the cuff.

I looked at a few patterns, found some help in the Saueflokksokk by Hifa, and followed their instructions for the sheep. That meant that I had to increase some stitches after the cuff, and decrease again before the heel. And so I did.

They still feel a bit snug when I pull them on, but they fit a lot better, and don't strangle my foot.

Needles: 2,5 mm, and 3 mm.
Yarn: Jarbo Mellanraggi
Pattern: Plain vanilla sock with Sheep chart from Saueflokksokk by Hifa.

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