May 28, 2015


It seems like I always go back to socks when I need something easy to knit.
Why is it always socks? Why do I not choose mittens or hats or shawls?
God knows I have more than enough of them in my Ravelry queue.
76 mittens and 22 shawls to be exact. And 76 socks...

But back to why I always choose socks.

I remember my first pair of socks. How I struggled with the heel and gusset.
That I rang up my mom almost yelling at her for not explaining it right.
My frustration with the pattern. The moment when I finally understood the heel turn.
And that first, slightly weird, finished sock.

After that I went from the Norwegian pattern that kinda expects you to have knitted since you were 2 years old, to the american patterns that feeds you every line with a pipette everything became clear.
It was so easy!
I still struggle with some sock patterns. But now when I struggle I fix it, because I know how to.

So if you struggle with one sock pattern, try another one.
Find one that spells it out, line by line, stitch by stitch.

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