October 08, 2015


Since I posted Klara's Deathflake mittens, I've gotten orders for 3 pairs of them!
Luckily for me I had more of the rainbow yarn, as the people that ordered them wanted the same colours as Klara got. So I'd better get cracking on them.

Also, I was asked to copy a hat for an acquaintance. She has one that she loves, and wanted another one in an different colour. So she brought me the yarn and the hat, and I found a pattern that I could use. The Bias Beehive Bubble beanie is made the same way, except for the bottom edge. So I'm just using it as an reference point.

And then, my mom came to visit. She's gotten really into spinning lately, and has learnt how to make sock yarn. So she brought the yarn and asked if I could make her socks!

The picture doesn't do the yarn justice. The colours are so pretty! I can't wait to see how it knits up.
The yarn is a 150g, 210 meters, and is a 4ply cable twist, that is made out of Shetland wool, Corridale wool, Angora wool and Firestar nylon. Need to do them toe up to be sure I have enough to finish both.

So to sum it up, I need to knit 3 pairs of Deathflake mittens, a hat and a pair of socks.
And maaaaybe another new project will appear in the next post!

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