November 16, 2015

Magnus Gardenmouse is done

And he's ready to move to Germany!

I'm sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures. I had to use flash as he was done late in the evening, and I really wanted to take pictures of him before placing him in his travel box.

The overalls he's wearing had a hole for his tail, red heart buttons, and a crochet edging.

He's also wearing a warm woolly sweater. After all, he's born in Norway.

Stats for Magnus Gardenmouse:

Designer: Arne&Carlos
Needles: 2,5mm double pointed needles Hverdagspinner in aluminium 

The pattern is written out row by row and you stuff and close the holes as you go. You start at the feet, knit the body, then the arms, put the arms and body together, then the neck, head and snout. Then you knit the ears separately and sew them on to the head. Make an I-cord for the tail and sew it to his bottom. After that you embroider on the eyes and you're done!
Clothes are optional, but the book gives you a pattern for a sweater, pants and overalls.

I made his clothes of some leftover yarn I had lying around on 3mm needles.

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  1. He is brilliant!! We are very much looking forward to having him here and have already made some room in the closet for his clothes :)


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