March 10, 2016

Trønderrokk 2016 update

I'm so glad I went with my mom to the Trønderrokk 2016 last weekend.
Not only did she spoil me rotten, but I had a really good time!
Thank you mom!!

I had met some of the ladies before, bot most of them were new to me. But everyone was just lovely! Friendly, including, loud and chatty and interested in what others were making.

My mom spun on her Schacht Sidekick that she bought last summer at Spinnvilt.

And I got to try one of her drop spindles. We don't remember who it is from, but the hook has a weird shape. It is lighter than my Kromski drop spindle, and I found it easier to spin Shetland with it, than with mine.

After trying it for a while, I got to try my mom's Turkish Spindle. It was pretty and light, but I felt that it was to light for me, so I went back to her other one.
Suddenly mom got up and went over to the sales tables and came back with another Turkish spindle.
Try this, she said, and so I did.
It was lovely to spin with! You're welcome, mom said! She had bought it for me!!!
It was an 24 grams cherrytree Turkish dropspindle made by Kjerringrokk, or fru_elle as she calls herself on Instagram. I highly recommend checking her out!

After I got my new Turkish I was allowed to dive into moms fiberstash. There I found a pretty braid of 80% merino, 20% silk. And it plays so well with the Turkish! So I can't wait to get it spun up!

Oh, and mom showed me a new technique! If I'm spinning on the other dropspindles I can do the Andean plying bracelet if I want to ply my yarn.
Very practical! There are lots of YouTube videos on how you do it.

There was also a talk about wool at Trønderrokk 2016, by Rhonna Robbins. And we also got samples of the wool she talked about.
This year she talked about the three C's; Cormo, Corridale and Cotswold. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot about the different types of sheep.

 Kittens love wool, did you know that?

In addition to 3 samples of unwashed wool, we got 3 small samples of prepared wool. The difference is miles apart!

And we also got a goodiebag from the people arranging the Trønderrokk 2016.
Bamboo circulras, a ribbon, a balm for our spindles, stitch markers, wpi gauge and a tiny bag of lovely Cashmere!

I really had a lovely time! And I might go again if I can.

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