June 15, 2015

World Blood Donor Day

Yesterday, Sunday June 14th, was World Blood Donor Day.
The bloodbank is of course not open on Sundays, so unless there was a big crisis, no one here in Trondheim donated blood yesterday.
They had set me up for an appointment today, so now I'm doing my duty.
I wish more people would donate blood, plasma and bone marrow.
I hear a lot of people say that they don't do it because they're afraid of needles.
But still they have bodies covered in tattoos and piercings everywhere.
Ok, some are genuinely afraid, and pass out at the sight of a needle. And the needle they put in your arm to donate blood is a bit thick.
But I still do it. And I have to lie down when they want a bloodsample at my doctors office. And the thin needles that they use when giving vaccines, don't even get me started...

So today I did my duty!
And it didn't hurt, and I got to drink lots of apple juice!

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